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About peptide store

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How should I store my peptide when it is in solution?

If storage of peptides in solution is absolutely unavoidable, use sterile buffers at pH 5-6 and store aliquots at -20℃ to prolong the storage life of peptides in solution.

How long can I store my peptide when it is in solution?

It is not recommended to keep excess peptides in solution. The shelf life of peptides in solution is very limited, especially for sequences containing cysteine, methionine, tryptophan, asparagine, glutamine, and N-terminal glutamic acid. In general, aliquot the necessary amounts of peptide for a few days and relyophilize remaining portions for long term storage if necessary.

Are there any recommended procedures when I am about to start working on my peptide?

When preparing the peptide for use, please observe the following steps to maintain peptide quality: Warm up the peptide to room temperature prior to opening and weighing out portion of the peptide. The recommended time for warm up is 1 hour. In a clean environment weigh out desired quantity of peptide quickly.
Store the remaining peptide in freezer, preferably below -20℃ within an enclosed case with dessicants.

How much does it cost for shipping outside China?

We ship our products all around the world. The oversea shipping charge is generally $40 per shipment for of countries.

What if some problem happens during the synthesis of my specific peptide?

Each peptide has its specific characteristics. If some problems happen during the synthesis and we cannot deliver your peptide on time, we will inform you as soon as possible.

How do you ship peptides? What data will be provided?

All peptides will be shipped lyophilized in small microcentrifuge tubes (2 ml). Large amount of peptide may be aliquoted into several tubes. For every single peptide, data sheets will be provided that contains the key characteristics, such as amino acid sequence, modification, purity, mass spectrum data and HPLC data.

What is the typical turn-around time for peptide synthesis?

Our typical turn-around time is about 2-3 weeks. The turn-around time may vary depending on the peptide length and difficulty.

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