Customized polyclonal antibodies

Customized polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies are polyclonal antibodies which are produced by multiple B lymphocyte clones, stimulated by multiple antigenic determinants and can bind to multiple antigenic epitopes.Multi antibody can recognize multiple epitopes, cause agglutination reaction, precipitation reaction and other advantages, so it is widely used in the field of immunology diagnosis.

The preparation time of McAb is short and the price is low, so it can be used to test the target antibody quickly.

Advantages of polyclonal antibody preparation:

1、The cost of preparation is lower than that of monoclonal antibody from the same species;

2、The period of preparation is shorter than that of monoclonal antibody from the same species;

3、It can detect multiple epitopes of the same antigen at the same time;

4、It is suitable for immunoprecipitation, ELISA and other experiments;

5、Higher affinity(avidity).

Sanyangkaipeptide biology specializes in antibody production and customization services. It has established a series of related technical platforms and animal breeding bases with antibody platform as the core. According to the proteins, peptides, small molecular compounds and genes you provide, Various materials or sequence information, including rabbit, mouse, rat, goat and chicken, as well as polyclonal antibody preparation services of antiserum, protein A / G affinity purification antibody, antigen affinity purification antibody and other forms, will be provided for you to meet the antibody products.

The preparation of multi antibody mainly includes the following steps:
Epidemic animal → adjuvant → immunogen → immunity → blood sampling.



Service number service content Service standard cycle
QY-1003 蛋白→抗体 (抗原亲和纯化) 蛋白质检,免疫兔子,ELISA检测,取血抗原亲和纯化 70天
QY-1004 多肽→抗血清 半抗原偶联载体,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血 70天
QY-1005 多肽→抗体 (ProteinA纯化) 半抗原偶联载体,免疫兔子,ELISA检测取血,ProteinA亲和纯化 80天
QY-1006 多肽→特异性抗体 半抗原偶联载体,免疫兔子,ELISA检测取血,抗原亲和纯化 80 天
QY-1007 多肽序列→抗血清 多肽合成,载体偶联,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血 80天
QY-1008 多肽序列→抗体 (ProteinA纯化) 多肽合成,载体偶联,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血,ProteinA亲和纯化 90天
QY-1009 多肽序列→特异性抗体 多肽合成,载体偶联,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血,抗原亲和纯化 90天
QY-1010 磷酸化多肽序列→特 异性抗体 多肽合成(磷酸化/非磷酸化对照多肽),载体偶联免疫兔子,ELISA检测,取血抗原亲和纯化(磷酸化/非磷酸化对照多肽) 100天
QY-1011 甲基化多肽序列→特异性抗体 多肽合成(甲基化/非甲基化对照多肽)载体偶联,免疫兔子,ELISA检测,取血抗原亲和纯化(甲基化/非甲基化对照多肽) 100天
QY-1012 蛋白序列→ 抗体(过表达体系WB应用保证) 多肽设计,多肽合成,半抗原偶联载体 免疫兔子,ELISA检测,取血,抗原亲和纯化 过表达体系WB验证 100天
QY-1013 小分子化合物→抗血 清 半抗原偶联载体,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血 70天
QY-1014 小分子化合物→抗体 (ProteinA纯化) 半抗原偶联载体,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血,ProteinA亲和纯化 85天
QY-1015 表达质粒→抗血清 蛋白表达,蛋白纯化,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血,WB检测 80天
QY-1016 表达质粒→抗体(ProteinA 纯化) 蛋白表达,蛋白纯化,免疫兔子,ELISA检测 取血,WB检测,ProteinA亲和纯化 90天
QY-1017 cDNA → 抗血清 表达质粒构建,蛋白表达,蛋白纯化,免疫兔子 ELISA检测,取血,WB检测 100天
QY-1018 cDNA →抗体 (ProteinA 纯化) 表达质粒构建,蛋白表达,蛋白纯化,免疫兔子 ELISA检测,取血,WB检测,ProteinA亲和纯化 110天
QY-1019 基因序列→ 抗血清 全基因合成,表达质粒构建,蛋白表达,蛋白纯化 免疫兔子,ELISA检测,取血,WB检测 120天
QY-1020 基因序列→ 抗体 (ProteinA 纯化) 全基因合成,表达质粒构建,蛋白表达 蛋白纯化,免疫兔子,ELISA检测,取血,WB检测ProteinA亲和纯化 130天
QY-3004 抗体标记(HRP) 1.抗体质检 2.抗体与HRP交联 3.标记好的抗体Elisa验证 7 天
QY-1001 蛋白 → 抗血清 蛋白质检,免疫兔子,ELISA检测,取血
QY-1022 蛋白 → 抗血清(鸡) 蛋白质检,免疫鸡,ELISA检测,取血
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