Protein labeling services

Protein labeling services

Sanyang kaipeptide biological protein labeling service has a wide range of labeling and binding options, we can provide high-quality, efficient and low-cost labeling services.To meet the specific needs of customers, we can provide personalized solutions.We will help you choose the appropriate marker or marking method according to your specific needs, and optimize the marking method.

Protein labeling services we can provide:

一、Radioisotope labeled protein

Radioisotope labeling method was used to detect the activity of lipase in fat and other tissues, while titration and colorimetry were commonly used in China, but both methods were not sensitive and reliable enough. In order to accurately detect the activity of LPL, a radioisotope labeling method was established for the first time in China, which was used to detect the expression of LPL in vitro and the activity of LPL in plasma, myocardium, fat and liver tissue of C57 mice after heparin ingestion.

二、Biotin labeled protein

The binding of biotin and avidin / streptavidin is highly specific and stable, and their affinity constant is 100000-1 million times higher than that of antigen antibody reaction, which is the highest known noncovalent interaction, making them a very good tool in protein biochemistry.

Sanyangkaipeptide biology provides customized biotin markers for customers in various academic and industrial fields.We have also developed a variety of in vitro biotin labeling methods.Customers can choose the best biotin labeling method for their application to avoid the loss of activity.

三、Fluorescent labeled protein

In recent years, flow cytometry has been widely used in the development and production of biological drugs.As the first choice for flow cytometry, fluorescent labeled protein can be detected by one-step staining because it is pre labeled with fluorescein group, which not only simplifies the detection process, saves the detection time, but also avoids the non-specific background caused by the use of secondary antibody.

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