Peptide Libraries

Peptide Libraries

Peptide library, abbreviated as peptide library, is a series of different peptide combinations, which can be used in many different biological fields.Peptide library can be divided into overlapping peptide library, random peptide library and truncated peptide library according to the combination of peptides.Unlike the phage surface display peptide library, which is only limited to natural L-amino acids, the synthetic peptide library is not limited to this, but also includes non natural amino acids including D-amino acids and other isomers as well as additional secondary structures.
Peptide library is a powerful screening tool in life science research.It is used to screen peptides with few critical biological activities from a large number of peptides.Peptide libraries are widely used in the rapid development of proteomics and related fields, such as drug development, GPCR ligand screening, protein protein interaction, protein function analysis, nucleic acid binding, enzyme substrate or inhibitor screening, antigen epitope screening, messenger molecule development and peptide / protein signal response, etc., all need high-quality peptide libraries.


96 peptides / plate

Main features:

  • Optimize synthesis:Trigoats ensures that high-quality, high-purity and batch free peptides are provided for the construction of peptide libraries.
  • Strict quality control:Trigoats provides HPLC purification report and MS detection report for each polypeptide.
  • Competitive price:Our peptide library services are the most cost-effective in the market, with the lowest$ 9/peptide
  • High throughput:More than a month10,000Stripe peptide
  • Flexible purity options:Crude peptide, desalting,> 70%,> 75%,> 80%,85%,> 90%,> 95%,> 98%.It can meet your various needs.
  • No cross contamination:The peptides synthesized by each channel are separately packed.
  • Modification:It includes coupling, adding special amino acids and disulfide bonding.
  • Strict quality control:Trigoats provides HPLC purification report and MS detection report for each polypeptide.
  • Instant online quotes:After receiving your request for peptide library synthesis, we will immediately give you a quotation.
  • One stop downstream service:Trigoats provides epitope mapping services, binding test and functional test services for your drug research.

Application scope:

Epitope mapping and validation of antibodies Protein peptide binding analysis
Bioassay of polypeptide Study on T cell epitopes
Mapping and validation of T cell epitopes Development of peptide vaccine
Vaccine efficacy test Immunological surveillance
Optimization and validation of T-cell detection Cell therapy

Service specification:
    In order to meet your requirements for the purity of different peptide libraries, we have developed two library service packages: crude peptide library and purified peptide library.The contents of these two peptide library service packages are as follows:

Crude peptide library

The amount of each crude peptide is 1-5mg (or 6-10mg, 11-20mg) ; peptide length is 5-20aa ;Provide RP-HPLC purification (optional) and mass spectrometry detection report for each peptide ; Modification includes biotin labeling, fluorescent labeling and unnatural amino acids ;The synthesis time is generally 1-2 weeks ;Minimum order quantity is 48 polypeptides

Independent subpackage tube

Purified peptide library

  • 1-4 mg per peptide
  • Purity selection:> 70%,> 75%,> 80%,85%,> 90%,> 95%,> 98%(Reversed-phaseHPLC)
  • Peptide length5-20 AA
  • Provide HPLC and MS reports for each peptide
  • Modifications include biotin, fluorescent and unnatural amino acids
  • The synthesis time is generally 2-3 weeks
  • Minimum order quantity is 48 polypeptides

Deliver content

  • Freeze dried polypeptides and repackaged in labeled tubules
  • MS and HPLC test report

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